Rafia Fitness Shoot

When Rafia first called me to do her first fitness shoot I didn’t really know what to say to her because I had never really done a fitness shoot. I thought it would be a great challenge and so I said yes. We discussed what her purpose was and what she wanted to show as well what she wanted me to capture. I learned a lot about which light modifiers to use to get the best control. It was an amazing experience. In the end, this was my favourite shot from that first shoot.

Fast track 2 years later and Rafia gives me a call to schedule another fitness shoot. This time it was a personal shoot showing off her achievements in training, a little bit of commercial for her new training program and some personal stuff for her self. I have a massive amount of respect and admiration for how dedicated Rafia has been and how hard she worked to get her body to where it is. I was amazed at the preparation coming up to the day of the shoot involved more nutrition than weight lifting. Here are some of the shots from the shoot.

The images are NOT retouched just colour corrected and I think this is an important thing about showing your clients. When you show them stretch marks, blemishes and flaws, you’re showing them your vulnerabilities and where you’ve come from.

A huge thank you to Rafia for allowing me this opportunity and the patience when I’d ask her to flex for a minute to get the perfect shot. If you would like to train with Rafia and have her help you get fit you can find her on Instagram right here @rafk.fitness

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