Destination Engagement Shoot

Minesh and Kalika are a long distance couple and it was one of the things that I could relate to with my relationship. It was even more relatable that Minesh was from Canada and Kalika was from England. I suggested that we do an engagement shoot in England to get something different and a few months later we were in England together. Here’s a quick Teaser of a couple of the images from a shoot we did at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. This estate may look familiar to many of you as it was used as the backdrop for Wayne Manor in the Nolan Batman films.

Wollaton Hall Engagement

The day we had scheduled was pouring rain but it gave us warmer tones outside and fewer people on the grounds so we could go around the estate without being interrupted. The greenhouse was absolutely beautiful. It’s filled with white metal poles and 8 foot rose bushes. I wanted to capture a romantic image in here contrasting Kalika’s red shoes and red dress with our whites and greens.

Wollaton Hall GreenHouse

Many of our couples come to us and say “I want to do something you’ve never done before for our engagement shoot!” and when they say it, I want to say “That’s what I want to do for every shoot.” The thing is if you want to have something unique sometimes you have to look outside what’s 10 minutes from your house, leave your comfy surroundings and hop on a plane to find something that makes you say wow. Maybe you always dreamt of cuddling in front of the Eiffel tower or taking a gondola ride in the canals of Venice. Why not go for your engagement shoot? Contact us for booking your Destination Engagement shoot here


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